African Faces

African Faces

Works of Art

Drawings in terracotta/charcoal

Printed details, blown-up to 120 x 120 cm

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Exhibition “Native African Faces”

FAD Gallery, Barcelona/Spain

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Drawings in pencil / terracotta and white pastel on paper.

List of existing reproductions:

  1. Wodaabe Marriage Day – Niger
  2. Wodaabe man with Head dress – Niger
  3. Fulani girl of nomadic family – Ethiopia
  4. Wodaabe women – Niger
  5. Toposa woman – Sudan
  6. Wodaabe woman with head dress – Niger
  7. Samburu warrior – Kenia
  8. Wife of Podokwo chief – Cameron


  1. An exclusive and limited edition, hand signed, Gicleé on Hahnemueller paper.
  2. The whole project is offered as a high-end artistic quality product.
  3. Frames are charged separate from the asking prices. In case of an exhibition, the prices for frames are added, otherwise charged and provided separately when requested.
  4. Packaging and shipping costs are charged extra.
  5. Each work of art is sold with its own Certificate of Authenticity.

Print Sizes 

SMALL  SIZE    21 x 29 cm (rectangular)

8 ¼ “ x  11 ½”

MIDDLE SIZE    60  x  60 cm (square)  or 44  x  60 cm (rectangular)

19” x 13”  or    17 ½ “ x  23 ½”

LARGE SIZE    130 x 130 cm (square) or  59  x  130 cm (rectangular)

51” x 51”   or    37 ½” x 51”


Exclusive version / Limited Edition:

SMALL SIZE                        45

MIDDLE SIZE                      25

LARGE SIZE                       12


Limited Edition

  1. Private Clients
  2. Interior Decorators
  3. Hotels (new or renovations)
  4. Restaurants
  5. Club Houses
  6. African Exhibitions / Shows
  7. Luxurious shops
  8. Yachts
  9. CEO Corporate Offices
  10. Limited edition print Galleries etc.



Prices will be sent upon request.

Please contact the artist at:

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